GenChem Labs

Photograph of the General Chemistry Lab space

The General Chemistry program at the University of Kentucky includes 11 courses. Each semester, the GenChem lab program (consisting of CHE 111 and 113) has an average of

  • 1800 students
  • 1 instructor
  • 30 teaching assistants
  • 3 exams including over 100 questions

All course material posted in the syllabus, on Canvas, or in any course tool is copyrighted. Therefore, transcribing or recording and then selling, publishing, or posting any of the laboratory material presented in class is strictly prohibited. This applies, in particular, to “professional” note-taking services and companies that publish such material on the internet, in any written, audio, or video format. Students must obtain permission from the instructor to create any audio or video recordings of any lab activities. Violation of this policy is considered an academic offense.

Links below will direct you to information and resources for each experiment.  If you have a link or other tip to share, please leave a comment.  First-time commenters must have their posts approved before they appear on the site.  If you have questions about an experiment, contact your TA, go to the Learning Center, or contact the lab supervisor at


Information regarding policies related to assignment grading.

CHE 111

CHE 113