Exam Info

Concepts to Memorize

A periodic table will be provided on the exam which you can view here.

Exam Procedures

  • Go to the assigned room for your exam (seating charts will be posted on Canvas the day before the exam).
  • Bring your **charged** device (iPad or laptop) to the exam room.
    • Bring your charger just in case.
  • Take your belongings to the front or rear of the room.
  • Before you go to your seat, open Lockdown Browser and login to Canvas so you can use your phone for the two-factor authentication.
  • The only things you may take to your seat are
    • your iPad/laptop for taking the exam.
    • your basic scientific calculator. Graphing calculators are **NOT** permitted.
    • pen/pencil.
    • student ID (or other photo ID).
  • All other items including phones, smart watches, AirPods/headphones, backpacks, jackets, water bottles, drinks, snacks, and any items not explicitly allowed above must be left at the front or rear of the room.
  • Hats must be removed or turned around backwards. Any other items on your head must be moved or removed to allow us to see your eyes and ears (excludes religious head coverings).
  • Go to your assigned seat.
  • On Canvas, navigate the to the exam and open it to see the page requesting the pass code.
  • Proctors will hand out a check-out sheet and scratch paper.
    • If you need more scratch paper during the exam, raise your hand.
  • You may fill out your name, course, room number, and exam number on the front of the check-out sheet.
  • You may *NOT* write anything else on the scratch paper until Question 1 is visible on your screen.
  • When the access code is shared, enter it and begin your exam. Your timer starts when you do.