Exam Info

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Concepts to Memorize

A periodic table will be provided on the exam which you can view here.

Exam Instructions

  • The exam is available for a limited window of time. See the course syllabus and Canvas announcements for the time.
  • Your time starts when you open the exam.
  • If you start the exam late, you will not get the full time (i.e. for a 50 minute exam with a window that closes at 11:00 am, you must start no later than 10:10 am to get the full time).
  • Accessing the exam
    • Computer: Use Chrome or Firefox due to issues with images loading in other browsers.
    • iPad: Go through the browser and login at ww.uky.edu/canvas, not the Canvas app.
  • Students may use their own notes while taking the exam.
  • A link to a periodic table will be provided.
  • Students may NOT use
    • other people
    • websites
    • any other resources not specifically permitted or linked from the exam.
  • If you have technical issues or questions during the exam, connect on Zoom as soon as the issue arises and before you submit the exam.
    • Most problems can be quickly solved if you connect to the instructor on Zoom.
    • Once your exam closes, we cannot reopen it.
    • A link to an equation sheet will be provided.