General Chemistry

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The General Chemistry program at the University of Kentucky includes 11 courses. Information about the courses and pre-requisites

With so many courses, there are many people involved in teaching and supporting the courses.  During each semester (Fall and Spring), we have an average of 2000–2500 students, 8–10 instructors, 35–40 teaching assistants, 35+ exams including over 1000 questions.


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Information for Summer 2021 General Chemistry Courses

Chemistry Summer 2021

  • All CHE courses will be held June 15-August 11. (Course Descriptions)  (Course Catalog)
  • CHE 103 applies to the UK Core requirement: Int Inquiry in Nat/Phys/Math Sciences
    • 103 CHEMISTRY FOR HEALTH PROFESSIONALS. (4 credit hours) – A study of the basic concepts of general, organic, and biological chemistry. Intended for pre-nursing students. Prereq: Credit for MA 111, or Math ACT score above 20, or ALEKS Math Placement above 45.
  • CHE 105/107 or CHE 109/110/107 and CHE 111/113 are required for all chemistry and biology majors.
    • CHE 105 GENERAL COLLEGE CHEMISTRY I. (4 credit hours) – A study of chemical principles and their application to pure and mixed substances. Recommended for students with a Math ACT of 26 or above.
    • CHE 109 GENERAL CHEMISTRY 1A. (4 credit hours) – A study of chemical principles and their applications to pure and mixed substances. The two-semester CHE 109/110 sequence covers the same material as CHE 105. CHE 109 and 110 are equivalent to CHE 105. Recommended for students with a Math ACT of 23-26.
    • CHE 110 General Chemistry 1B (4 credit hours) A continuation of CHE 109; CHE 109 and 110 are equivalent to CHE 105.
    • CHE 107 GENERAL COLLEGE CHEMISTRY II. (3 credit hours) – A continuation of CHE 105. A study of the principles of chemistry and their application to elements and compounds. Prereq: C or better in CHE 105 or 110
    • CHE 111 GENERAL CHEMISTRY I LABORATORY. (1 credit hour) – A laboratory course, to accompany CHE 105 or CHE 110, dealing with the properties of chemical substances and providing an introduction to quantitative chemical analysis. Prereq or coreq: CHE 105 or CHE 110.
    • CHE 113 GENERAL CHEMISTRY II LABORATORY. (2 credit hours) – A laboratory course, to accompany CHE 107, emphasizing qualitative and quantitative chemical analysis. Prereq: CHE 111; prereq or concur: CHE 107


The General Chemistry Program recognizes the high cost of textbooks and works to lower those costs whenever possible. Some courses use Open Educational Resources (OER), such as LibreText, that are freely available online. The instructors, Department of Chemistry, and University receive NO compensation (money or in-kind contributions) for your use of these materials. Some instructors make their notes available at a local print shop but receive NO compensation from your purchase.  These materials are always available for free on the Canvas course site.

The lab manuals for CHE 111 and 113 have been written over the years by many people within the Department of Chemistry which owns the copyright to those materials (unless otherwise noted in the lab manual). A small royalty fee (~$1) is added to the cost of each lab manual. This money goes to the Department of Chemistry, NOT any individual, and is used to fund needs within the Department and General Chemistry program.

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