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The General Chemistry Program recognizes the high cost of textbooks and works to lower those costs whenever possible. Some courses use Open Educational Resources (OER), such as LibreText, that are freely available online. The instructors, Department of Chemistry, and University receive NO compensation (money or in-kind contributions) for your use of these materials. Some instructors make their notes available at a local print shop but receive NO compensation from your purchase. These materials are always available for free on the Canvas course site.

The lab manuals for CHE 111 and 113 have been written over the years by many people within the Department of Chemistry which owns the copyright to those materials (unless otherwise noted in the lab manual). A small royalty fee (~$1) is added to the cost of each lab manual. This money goes to the Department of Chemistry, NOT any individual, and is used to fund needs within the Department and General Chemistry program.

Land Acknowledgement The University of Kentucky rests on the dispossessed lands of the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Osage, and Shawnee people. With recognition and respect, we live and work in these ancestral lands, as well as those of the Delaware, Mosopelea, Wyandot, and Yuchi people.

© 2023. All rights reserved. Materials distributed or made available to students in connection with this course may be copyright protected by others. This syllabus and the materials provided pursuant to this course, including without limitation quizzes and tests: (a) are intended for use only by students registered and enrolled in the course and only for the instructional activities associated with and for the duration of the applicable student’s involvement in this course; and (b) may not, for any purpose, be copied, converted to another medium, or disseminated further, including not posted to any website or portal unless done at the written direction of the instructor.