Getting Help

Students have many resources for help but sometimesDo not be afraid to ask for help. Nobody gets through college on their own. Michelle Obama. don’t use them for a variety of reasons including conflicts with office hours, being intimidated by the instructor or other students, not wanting to feel or appear stupid, believing that nothing will help the situation, or they don’t know what to ask. If you already knew how to do everything, you wouldn’t be in college in the first place. You’re here to learn; take advantage of all the resources and opportunities to do so!


  • Office hours
    • All general chemistry instructors hold regularly-scheduled office hours (Available here or see course syllabus for days, times, and locations).
    • If you have conflicts with all of their office hours, send them an email with at least three times you are available to meet (i.e. Tuesday from 2-4, Wednesday from 9-10, or Friday from 1-3) so you can set up an appointment with them.
    • No appointment is needed for office hours; just show up during the given time.
    • Changes to the schedule will be posted in an announcement on Canvas.
    • Many instructors have multiple students in the room at the same time during office hours.  Sometimes you’ll hear questions you didn’t know to ask! If you need to have a private conversation with them, just let them know.
  • During Class
    • Students are welcome to ask questions during lecture or lab about the content.
    • For lab, it is best to reserve specific questions about assignment grading to email and TA office hours, as TAs are frequently focused on safety and learning during your lab period.
  • Lab Supervisor
    • Generally available throughout the day and can meet with students by appointment (preferred) or on a walk-in basis.
    • Available via email and you should expect a response within one business day, between the hours of 8am and 4pm.
    • If you have concerns or comments about your TA, please contact the Lab Supervisor.
  • General Chemistry Learning Center (GCLC)
    • The GCLC is located in JSB 219 and open throughout the week.
    • It is staffed by our TAs who hold regularly-scheduled office hours there.
    • Drop in any time to get help from any TA.
    • The current schedule can be found here and will be posted near the door to JSB 219.
  • Help Sessions are offered before CHE 105 and 107 exams in the Fall and Spring semesters.  See the schedule here.
  • Piazza is an online Q&A platform used by some instructors. If available, there will be a link available in the left-side menu on Canvas.
    • If your instructor is using Piazza, questions about content should be posted there.

Campus Resources

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