UK Core

The following courses and combinations meet the UK Core requirement for Intellectual Inquiry in the Natural, Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

  • CHE 101
  • CHE 103
  • CHE 105 + CHE 111
  • CHE 109 + CHE 110 + CHE 111

By the end of the course or course combination, students should be able to:

  1. Describe methods of inquiry that lead to scientific knowledge and distinguish scientific fact from pseudoscience.
  2. Explain fundamental principles in a branch of science.
  3. Apply fundamental principles to interpret and make predictions in a branch of science.
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of at least one scientific discovery that changed the way scientists understand the world.
  5. Give examples of how science interacts with society.
  6. Conduct a hands-on project using scientific methods to include design, data collection, analysis, summary of the results, conclusions, alternative approaches, and future studies.
  7. Recognize when information is needed and demonstrate the ability to find, evaluate and use effectively sources of scientific information.

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