CHE 105, 109, and 110 have a weekly recitation session.  Students are required to attend.

  • Recitation begins on Wednesday June 12.
  • PlayPosit assignments are generally due the night before the recitation meeting at 11:59 pm but may vary due to Academic Holidays.
  • During recitation, the recitation teaching assistant will guide students as they actively work through worksheets related to the week’s PlayPosit assignments.
  • Recitation TAs will ask students questions in-class using iClicker polling software to assess in-class performance.
  • Students are required to bring pen/pencil, paper, and a calculator to class in order to participate.
  • If you attend class, but do not bring the materials required, you may sign an attendance sheet to get 25% credit for the day.  You must sign the attendance sheet at the end of class.