1. The Canvas site for this course (accessed through contains supplemental material, quizzes, announcements, and other resources to help you do better in the course. If you have a question, please check the syllabus and the Canvas site) for the answer before contacting your TA or the Lab Supervisor.
  2. Instructor/Lab supervisor: Dr. April N. French
    1. Email –
    2. Office – JSB-261H
    3. Phone – 257-3789
    4. Office Hours – by appointment
  3. TAs will provide their contact information and office hours to you during the first two or three lab sessions and it will be posted under Course Details.
    1. All TA office hours are held in the General Chemistry Learning Center (JSB-219).
    2. Students may take their questions about any 100-level chemistry class to any of the TAs in the Learning Center.
    3. The schedule of TA hours will be posted on the General Chemistry Learning Center website. The link to that site is available on the Canvas site.
  4. Email is often the easiest way to contact your TA or instructor and can be a very effective communication tool. With email, we sometimes forget that there is a person on the receiving end and the old saying still holds true – “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.”  Please keep the following in mind.
    1. Students should expect a response within 24 hours (excluding weekends) from either their TA or the Lab Supervisor.  If you don’t get a response in that time frame from the Lab Supervisor, resend your message.  If you are consistently not hearing back from your TA in a timely manner, contact the lab supervisor.
    2. While the Lab Supervisor and the TA’s may check their email in the evening that is not always the case.  If you wait until the last minute to ask your questions, you may not get a response before the lab report or quiz is due.
    3. Always include the following in every email message
      1. Your name – Just because your name shows up in your email program, doesn’t mean it shows up for others.  We don’t know who “” is.
      2. Your TA’s name
      3. Your course and section number (in case there happen to be two John Does in the same class, which frequently happens)
      4. Your question(s) – Before hitting send, read the email and make sure it asks the question you want answered and includes any needed information. The use of a question mark is expected.
      5. DO NOT include your social security number or Canvas password.  Email is generally not that secure.  The above information is enough to identify you.
    4. More information on netiquette at and