Exp. 08 – Using Redox Chemistry & Color to Identify DNA

Why are we doing this experiment?

  • Explore the effect of oxidation state on physical properties
  • Understand redox reactions
  • Explore Beer’s law
  • Practice good laboratory technique

How do I prepare for lab?

  • Additional information
    • OpenStaxx: Section 4.2
    • Redox
    • Oxidation states
    • DNA

What will I do in lab?

What will I do after lab?

  • Calculations
    • None
  • Post-lab Checklist (i.e. things you should be able to do for the lab practical)
    • Recognize a redox reaction.
    • Recognize that metal ions have multiple oxidation states.
    • Identify and define ozidized, reduced, oxidizing agent, reducing agent in a chemical reaction.
    • Calculate the oxidation number of all atoms in a compound.

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