Exp. 05 – Synthesizing Aspirin

Why are we doing this experiment?

  • Synthesizing compounds from raw materials is done for many products we find on the grocery and drugstore shelves.  This experiment gives you a hint of what you will do in organic chemistry labs and at what goes on in research and industrial labs every day.
  • To apply the concepts of limiting reagent, percent yield, and theoretical yield.

How do I prepare for lab?

  • Additional information

What will I do in lab?

What will I do after lab?

  • Post-lab Checklist (i.e. things you should be able to do for the lab practical)
    • Follow steps to synthesize a compound.
    • Determine the experimental yield and calculate the theoretical yield, percent yield, and limiting reagent.
    • Complete a vacuum filtration.
    • Understand the concept of recrystallization.
    • Understand the difference between percent yield and percent error.

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