Exp. 01 – Scientific Writing and Integrity

During the first lab period, your TA will go over this course’s policies toward Academic Offenses. Additionally, they will assist you with demonstrating how to search for scientific content in the literature, properly paraphrase the work of others, and who to give credit for other people’s work, referred to as a citation.

Students are faced with making decisions every day based upon their personal integrity. This experiment is designed to help students recognize that as they enter the workforce, they will become part of a professional group with its own expectations of integrity and honesty. This experiment explores these issues by focusing on scientific writing and level of integrity expected of individuals in the scientific community.

This experiment addresses issues of plagiarism, proper citation, and paraphrasing in order for all students to understand what is expected of them in this course and to reduce the incidence of academic dishonesty and academic offenses in the General Chemistry Lab courses.

Here are some videos which explain why this is important within the University environment and into your professional career.

This video explores the behaviors that have led other students to get into trouble by plagiarizing materials.

How do I prepare for lab?

  • What do I need to bring to lab?
    • Experiment 1 – Scientific Writing and Integrity
    • Article to summarize
    • Your personal electronic device that can use WiFi to access the internet.
  • What do I need to read before lab?
    • Course syllabus
    • Course Details webpage
    • Experiment 1 – Scientific Writing and Integrity

What will I do in lab?

  • What will I do in lab?
    • Go over the course syllabus, laboratory safety procedures, course expectations
    • Review citations and paraphrasing
    • Determine a chemistry topic of interest to you and have your TA approve it
    • Locate some research articles in scientific journals
    • Complete the “Procedure” section by answering each of the questions
    • Compile your answers in a Word document in preparation of turning your work in when completed. You’ll want to do this in the form of a numbered list.
    • Take note. Much of what your TA will go over in lab you will need to use during the semester.

What do I do after lab?


  • What do I do after lab?
    • Answer the questions in the “Analysis” section and list those in the SAME Word document as you put your “Procedure”.
    • Complete the post-lab assignment on Sapling.
    • Submit your responses on Canvas under Modules, Experiment 1 and Experiment 1 – Scientific Writing and Integrity Final Report.
    • Submit a screenshot of your TurnItIn percentage match report.
    • Incorporate what you have learned from this lab when writing other assignments at the university. You will be expected to follow the University Senate’s Rules in regards to Academic Honesty, Academic Offenses, and Plagiarism in all of your courses, as well as those outlined in the course syllabus.

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  1. Francesca Deacon

    something to add to what to do in the lab is to locate the fire extinguisher, eye wash, shower, and closest exit.

  2. rowan

    I have taken this course three years ago, in person and it is 100% important to know and follow lab procedures


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