Exp. 09 – Molecular Geometry

Why are we doing this experiment?

  • Why are we doing this experiment?
    • The shape of many molecules determines its biological function. How a substance interacts with a biological receptor will often determine if the receptor is turned on or off.
    • Being able to visualize substances in 3D is a huge part of understanding their activity and reactivity.

How do I prepare for lab?

  • Additional information
  • 3D model of a sphere with connected 5 and 6 membered ring like a soccer ball.

    The Orbitron has great visualizations of the orbitals

    • OpenStaxx: Sections 7.3, 7.4, 7.5, 7.6,
  • Complete the pre-lab exercise on Chem21 using the information in your lab manual.

What will I do during lab?

  • Safety
    • As the lab is completed in a wet lab, you are required to wear goggles and lab appropriate attire even though we are not working with any hazardous chemicals.
  • Use the model kits to build a model of the compounds on your list. Following the built model, draw the 3D structure of the compound.

What will I do after lab?

  • Rotating model showing connected 6 carbon atoms with a CH3 at 2 o'clock, a CH2N2 at 4 o'clock and a COOH at 7 o'clock

    Molecule model of Lyrica, aka Pregabalin © Karl Harrison 3DChem.com

    Complete the remaining questions you didn’t finish in lab.

  • Post-lab Checklist (i.e. things you should be able to do for the lab practical)
    • Calculate the number of valence electrons
    • Determine the number of lone pairs, bonding pairs, and electron groups in a molecule.
    • Identify the number and types of bonds.
    • Identify and draw the electron pair geometry, and molecular geometry of a molecule or compound.
    • Identify the hybridization of an atom in a molecule.
    • Draw the Lewis structure of a compound.






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