Previous Exams

Note that the order of content in 105/107 (or 109/110/107) has changed in the past couple of years so previous exams may not cover the same content as the corresponding exam this semester. 


Students often use exams from previous semesters to study.  Some tips on using them effectively

  • Do NOT just use old exams as your only study strategy. Topics covered on exams vary between semesters.
  • Several days before the exam, take an old exam under testing conditions (i.e. 75 minutes, no notes, basic scientific calculator). See which areas you need to focus on.  For example, you got most of Chapter 1 questions right, but you missed multiple questions from the second half of Chapter 2.
  • Once you have identified your weakest topics, get help on those topics.  Then, work more practice problems such as those at the end of the chapter. You should get to the point were you can solve problems independently without help from books, notes, or people.
  • If you can only solve problems if someone helps you get started or by looking at another worked example, you are not ready for the exam.


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