Electronic devices. You can use any wifi-enabled electronic device with a browser (laptop, tablet computer, or smart phone) for iClicker Cloud (formerly known as REEF) during class. Devices not being used for classroom purposes must be silenced and out of sight during class. Any other use may result in loss of participation credits for one or more days. More severe consequences will be applied for repeat offenders. Doing non-class related activities (i.e. watching shows, browsing the internet, social media, games, etc.) also distracts those around you.  Be considerate of others.

Many students find annotations on printed or pdf copies of posted lecture notes especially helpful. Apps are available for the iPad which allow you to annotate the notes using your Apple pencil.

Classroom. The Department of Chemistry wants to maintain a clean and comfortable environment for all students in the Jacobs Science Building.  Students should be considerate of others and keep in mind that food and drink can damage furnishings and flooring. Unacceptable beverage containers include aluminum cans and containers without lids. Students may drink non-alcoholic beverages from securely covered containers, including:

  • Travel mugs
  • Coffee cups with lids
  • Twist top bottles
  • Sport bottles
  • Thermos bottles with closable spouts
  • Soda/pop bottles with sport bottle-type tops

Students are expected to clean up after themselves and should properly dispose of empty containers and wrappers in the bins located throughout the building. Spills should be reported immediately so they can be cleaned up quickly to avoid permanent damage.

Snacks (crackers, pretzels, chips, etc.) fruit, and items in small containers (dips, hummus, etc.) may be consumed in the classrooms. Full meals, messy, crumbly, sticky and/or odorous foods or snacks (salads, hamburgers, pizza, soup, etc.) are not permitted as a courtesy to those around you. Please refrain from eating peanuts or peanut-containing products during class, out of consideration for students with severe peanut allergies.