iClicker Cloud

What is it?

  • iClicker Cloud (formerly known as Reef) is used during class so students can share answers easily in a large room.  Instructors can adjust their teaching based on the outcomes of the questions. Students can access iClicker Cloud on any device with a browser or using the iClicker app.

How do I access it?

  • Students will set up their iClicker Cloud access by following the link on Canvas.
  • After setup, you can access it through Canvas, in the app, or at            https://app.reef-education.com
  • Students can purchase 6-month access in the bookstore or online.  Longer subscription options are available online through the iClicker website.

What if I need help?

  • For content questions, contact your instructor.
  • For technical support or payment questions, contact iClicker support.

Other information

  • Correct answers earn 1 point, incorrect answers earn 0.25 points.
    • Your instructor has the right to withdraw class participation credit for students being disruptive in class. Please direct questions about class participation to your instructor.“