What is it?

  • is used for post-lab data analysis and calculations. The site uses your data, as you entered it into the website, to perform calculations. It does not check the chemistry concepts applied.

How do I access it?

  • Access to can be paid online or you may purchase an access code (i.e. gift card) at the bookstore. Chem21 offers a short grace period before you are required to pay for your access.
  • You must wait to enter your access code (or purchase directly from Chem21) until¬†AFTER you receive your user name and password from Dr. French. This will occur after the Last Day to Add classes.
  • Do not create your own account on Chem21Labs
  • If you are retaking the course, you will need to purchase new access.
  • Chem21 access includes:
    • access to course assignments
    • online lab manual
    • goggles¬†(for CHE 111 ONLY). Please take care of your goggles, they will be provided to you one time ONLY. You need to keep them if you plan on taking CHE 113 or other chemistry lab courses.

What if I need help?

  • See the resources posted on Canvas for your lab course.
  • Check the FAQ.
  • Ask your TA.
  • Contact the lab coordinator, Dr. April French.

Other information

  • Calculations have up to three attempts to get correct. With each attempt, you will have points deducted. The number of points deducted can be viewed by moving your mouse cursor over the “TOL” (tolerance) link on items. After your attempts have been used up, you will receive a zero on that item and be given the correct answer so you can move on with the next calculation.