Course Tools

We use a variety of digital tools to help students learn, assess student learning, and manage course content.  Not all instructors use every tool.

  • Canvas: University-wide Learning Management System serves as the hub of all content for general chemistry courses
  • Echo360: Video recordings of class sessions
  • Achieve: Online homework system used in several 100-level CHE courses.
  • iClicker Cloud (formerly known as Reef): In-class response system
  • Piazza: Online Q&A among students and instructors (not used in all courses)
  • PlayPosit: Videos with integrated questions to complete before a class session (not used in all courses)
  • Connect: Online homework system used for CHE 104 and 108
  • Chem21: Used for reporting experimental data in CHE 111 and 113 labs.  See the Canvas site for your lab course for more details.
  • TurnItIn: An online tool embedded within Canvas assignments used to scan your submitted work for suspected plagiarism